who is this God figure

This was written by a friend of mine on Facebook. It typifies the questions unbelievers ask about Elohim (God).

I have being fighting with this for along time. GOD who is this figure? Why this figure cannot lift the burden away from the poor and down trotten and it often said that only the poor will enter heaven because the rice is too wicked? 

Why all these cancer sickness cannot be solve, why so much wicked stuff keep happening to us and we pray go to church and nothing got solve back to sq one? Is there a notion that GOD does not exist or does not want to help or does not know what needs to be done? 

These are questions that need to be be answered. Why did the slave trade happen and GOD did not stop it and there are many more WHY's. To be honest, I am still searching for a lot of answers and I don't think mankind can give it to me so I will have to try and find my path to this issue.

There are many folks out there that are crying night and day for this GOD help but cannot seem to get any answer and again, WHY? I am (so) confused with this issue. Why did the Catholic priest rape all these boys where was GOD? I started to think that GOD idea is created by MAN bless

Elohim cannot be understood from text books or from worldly, scholastic reasoning. We first have to be 'foolish' enough (from a worldly perspective) to believe in him. Then, and only then, he will reveal himself to us and we will get the answers to these questions. 1 Corinthians 1:18, 21

Thankfully, I have already received my answers to these questions, having been foolish enough to believe what seemed irrational in times past. That is, that Elohim exists and the Holy Bible is his word. 

To find the answers, man must first humble himself before the great Almighty Yahweh. Can the clay say to the potter, why did you make me like this or why are you like that? No, we have to thank the potter for making us. We are at his mercy. He is not obligated to us. (Romans 9:21)

To open the doors to understanding, let us begin where it all began, in Genesis.

Gen 1:27: "So Elohim (God) created man in his own image…"

If man = Image of Elohim
Therefore Elohim = Image of Man

A greater understanding of God can therefore be achieved by studying certain basic traits of man.

human angerThere is not a man that has lived that has never been angry. On the other hand, there is one man who lived that never sinned. That is why the Apostle Paul says, be angry but do not sin. God therefore gets angry, but does not sin. He is God, he cannot sin.

When does he get angry? When we disobey his commandments. Numbers 32:11. He hates disobedience and will not accept us in our sinful state. 

That is what most unbelievers cannot accept: a God who does not accept them for who they are. I have news for you: Elohim never changes (Malachi 3:6) and will never accept you for doing your own thing.

Don't worry, I am getting to the point, I am just explaining the process of belief that will open up our spiritual understanding. It all starts with subjecting ourselves to the higher authority… the "God figure."

If you do not bow to his will (Deuteronomy 28:1) and walk in his way, he will never be the God you want him to be. He will never reward you with his Holy Spirit and the accompanying gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

Seeing that man is hopeless to battle sin, he sent his son Y'shua to show us how to live a righteous life as well as to die for our sins (John 11:26). 

After his resurrection, at the feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was given to those of us who want it. This is the Spirit of truth that will lead you into wisdom, knowledge and an understanding of all things, including those questions posted at the start of this post..

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God dwelling in us, leading us and teaching us. It will lead you to understand all those questions above.

There is one catch: you have to first believe. That belief must lead to action, which is repentance and baptism and then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

That has been my personal journey, from one of unbeliever asking those very same questions to one of a child of Yah, having all those questions and more simplified by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

questions unbelievers ask

It would take a whole book to adequately answer them, but through the Holy Spirit, we can write that book someday. However, let me just attempt to summarise:

  1. Who is this God figure? – Yahweh Tsebaoth (The LORD of Hosts), El Ehaddai (God Almighty). The creator of all things, both above and on earth; the provider, the healer, our salvation… I could go on and on, but you have to know him yourself. (Psalms 84:12)
  2. Why can't he lift the burden from the poor? – Our spirit and flesh (desires) are constantly at war. If we can easily satisfy the flesh, we will ignore the spirit (our connection with God). Poor people tend to look more to God as their physical needs cannot be fully satisfied. They are therefore at an advantage with God (the last shall be the first/ easier for camel to go through eye of a needle…). (Luke 4:18, 16:20)
  3. Why all the sickness? – the wages of sin is death. From the sin of Eve and Adam, we were condemned to die through sin. Instad of eating from the tree of life, Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Had she eaten from the tree of life, there would be no sickness and death. In other words, earth would have remained the heaven it was at the time. Cancer is just one way to bring us to death. By the way, healing can be received in the name of Yahshua (Jesus). (Romans 6:23)
  4. Why did the slave trade happen? – the Children of Israel were sold into slavery on more than one instance. God is like a parent. He punishes us to achieve a greater end. His good always comes out of the worst. If there was no slave trade, black people living in the North America region would not be here. On an average, they are the most prosperous persons of African descent in the world. The best comes out of the worst. (Exodus 1:14)
  5. Many people crying out and cannot get help – he does things in his own time. There are times when, for reasons known only to him, he will not answer, especially if we ask out of our own lusts and desires. Other times he will answer, but not at the time when we expect him to. (Psalms 18:41)
  6. Why did the Catholic priest rape the boy? – the Catholic organisation is a satanic one. Just check YouTube. Search for "satanic catholic church." Don't get me wrong, there are true Christians in the Catholic Church, but the organisation is satanic. Where Satan dwells, there is no limit to the evil that will be perpetrated against Yahshua's pride, the little children (suffer the little children to come unto me…).

I hope that just begins to answer your questions my friend or anyone else searching for these answers. That is what my search for answers has brought me. What has your search brought you? Shalom.

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Brian Elliott is a Messianic Believer from Falmouth, Jamaica who loves to share the word of Elohim (God) & his life experiences. He is an Internet Marketer who earns his living online and shares some of his experiences through his blogging posts. He also loves photography, technology, health & wellness & sports and he writes about these on this blog, BrianTalk.

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